Defense & Special Projects Vehicles

SPA have over 25 years experience in supplying and finding fire suppression solutions for specialist applications, including heavy plant machinery, public transport, defense and armored vehicles, marine applications and computer rooms.

Using the latest Halon replacement gas Novec 1230, AFFF and Powder we have a solution to suit the most difficult of applications, our ongoing research both in extinguishable agents and delivery systems keeps us ahead of the competition. We have a range of extinguishers and sensors to accommodate most fire scenario's.

We consider all projects where there is a critical fire risk, if we don't stock it we will work with you to design a bespoke solution for your application.

Our cylinders are available nitrogen charged or using military spec pyrotechnic devices to evacuate the contents. (Pyrotechnic devices are ideal where a pressurized container cannot be used such as aviation applications or where air transportation is required on a regular basis). To complement these systems we carry a full range of fully automated stand alone systems.

We offer both single zone and 4 zone Fire Control panels, The FireSense 4 zone Control panel has 8 output channels, each channel can control 2 x SPA electrically activated extinguishers operating a total of 16 extinguishers when required. This will handle most vehicle requirements, monitoring cabin crew area, engine bay, fuel cell, under vehicle, wheel wells or any other fire risk area.

The Control panels are complete stand alone units, each panel operates from PP3 batteries, in the event of a vehicle losing its electrical supply these will continue to monitor and operate all Extinguisher systems from their own internal power source.

Our Nozzle delivery systems are optimally designed for each type of application required, below are a selection of nozzles designed by SPA for optimal extinguishant delivery.

On Display from left to right, multi-directional gas nozzle, distributes the gas evenly in all directions fore and aft, designed originally for the close confines of a modern race car engine bay.

The second nozzle is a 360 degree design used for both powder and gas delivery, this distributes evenly in a 360 degree pattern and fires the extinguishant straight down as well, its used predominantly as an under-vehicle nozzle with powders or as an internal crew cabin nozzle with gas.

The third Nozzle is our spray bar, used predominantly with AFFF, this is designed for the exterior of the vehicle, in the event of a Molotov attack, it will evenly disperse the foam down the side of the vehicle rapidly putting out the fire.

Our fourth nozzle is a mechanical automatic nozzle, this is placed in fire risk areas, in the event of a fire this will fracture the frangible bulb and rapidly disperse the extinguishant into the fire, this also is a multi-directional type device used with Gas extinguishant's, requiring no electrical backup this system is ideal where areas are left unmanned for long periods of time.

We have many other designs and a huge amount of R&D that continually goes into our fire protection products.

For further information regarding our special project applications and other safety products please contact us on +44 (0)1543 434 580 or email us at