Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems

Fire is one of the most destructive forces known to man, at SPA we have made it our goal to provide protection against this destructive force.

We have designed an entire range of automatic fire sensing systems that can monitor critical areas at all times, these consist of special heat sensing trigger wire laid in vulnerable areas, these trigger wires come in various temperature ranges depending on application.

A signal is relayed to the main control unit which activates an audible alarm and at the same time triggers a military spec actuator to disperse the extinguishant into the protected areas.

We produce either a single channel system or 5 channel system that can operate independently 5 extinguishers protecting multiple areas independently of one another.

Our Novec 1230 gas systems remove the heat rapidly from the fire casuing the fire to quickly extinguish, the AFFF systems cover the entire area in a blanket of foam starving the fire of oxygen and cooling the area.

Novec 1230 is ideal for specialized hazard areas where continous operation of high value equipment is paramount. Examples include computer and electronic control rooms as electronic devices or humans are not harmed by this gas, hazards aboard ships and critical military applications such as vehicle engine and crew bay protection. We also protect with these systems combine harvesters, agricultural machinery, wood choppers and many other applications.

Novec 1230 is also excellent in environments such as libraries, cultural facilities, storage rooms, archives and museums, in fact any area where valuable items must not be damaged by the fire extinguishing agent.

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