Spring Testing Machine SPR06

The SPR06 is the new static spring testing machine from SPA.

With a maximum loading force 3300lbs /1500kg the machine covers most racing applications.

The SPA06 can test springs from 1 to 16” in length. Testing also applies to any coil-over spring or pigtail spring up to 7 inches diameter.



  • Unit can be Kg or Lb
  • Whole forces shown only e.g. 110.8 lbs = 111 lbs
  • Zero facility
  • Peak Hold Mode
  • Filter response time options
  • Powered by 2x AA Batteries (approx 50hrs continuous use)


  • 1500kg / 3300lbs S-type
  • Accurate to 0.0300%


  • Powder Coated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel frame.
  • Higher Capacity Loadcell
  • Readout in Lbs
  • Readout in KG’s