Shock Absorber Dynamometer BTP 4000

The SPA BTP 4000 Bench Top portable damper Dynamometer offers unrivalled capabilities in accuracy and flexibility to the Damper Engineer whether located in the workshop or at the track. With stroke configurations up to 100mm and a peak test speed up to 1.32m/s the BTP 4000 can test and validate all common dampers found in various racing series.

Suitable for Race Shocks, Motorcycle shocks and Forks and Mountain Bike Shocks and Forks.

Data Acquisition Hardware

  • USB Connectivity
  • 1500kg Load Cell
  • High Resolution Velocity and Displacement Transducers
  • Built in Temperature Sensor
  • Variable Sample Rate up to 100,000Hz


  • CNC Machined Hard Anodised Chassis
  • 2.2kW Variable Speed Motor
  • Adjustable stroke 12.5mm to 100mm
  • Direct Stroke Scotch Yoke System
  • Optional Stand Mounting
  • Manual Control Dash
  • Peak Velocity up to 1.32m/s


  • Fully Customisable User Interface
  • 10 Graph Displays with Overlay Capabilities
  • Multi-Step and Single Step Plot Options
  • Customisable Test Methods for Springs and Dampers
  • Data Tables-Force, Displacement and Velocity
  • Data Import/Export (ASC11 Format)
  • Windows Compatible


  • Imperial Strokes
  • Shock Proof Flight Case
  • Preload Kit
  • Spring testing Hardware Kit
  • Extended Pole Option
  • Custom Damper/Spring/Fork Mounts
  • Infra-Red Temperature Sensor