A.P.S Rally system Carbon (RP-S-CF) 2.3m³-4m³ Cockpit Petrol & E85

  • A.P.S Rally system Lightweight Carbon Cylinder (RP-S-S-CF) Petrol & E85

    Brand new Fire suppression system for all cars having to run new FIA Standard 8865-2015, mandatory for WRC for 2016.

    A.P.S is brand new technology developed by SPA, the system has no stored pressure, upon activation compression technology along with a newly developed internal system rapidly deploys extinguishant into the engine and cockpit

    This FIA standard requires a more robust system to tackle larger and more intense fires than previously encompassed. these new systems have passed the standard convincingly.

    With a single nozzle for the cockpit installation and one nozzle for the engine installation, this makes for one of the simplest installs possible

    Suitable for petrol and E85 fires - 2.3m³ - 4m³ volumes.

    It is important when purchasing these systems you know the internal volume of your cockpit, you must purchase the system that suits your cockpit volume, there is no weight advantage in purchasing the smaller systems as these are ballasted to have the same weight as the larger system as stipulated by the FIA



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