3.375 Litre AFFF alloy electrical FIA approved Slimline Fire Extinguisher (MFE75A-4-A-SL)

  • FIA Homologation number EX.046.17 ext 005

    3.375 litre alloy Electrical/Automatic FIA approved/Homologated system.

    This FIA approved system comes as a complete kit ready to install, suitable for single seater race cars.

    New and improved for 2018 onwards, improved flow rate, nozzle atomisation and fitted with an additional safety feature, automatic activation in the event temperatures rise too high within the cockpit area

    The Slimline design of this system lends itself to fit the sometimes difficult dimensions of a single seater race car, you can also have the peace of mind that the system you purchase is tested by the British standard institute on behalf of the FIA.


    • Power Pack control box
    • 2 x Hirschman Leads
    • Internal & External override switches
    • 4 x Nozzles - 2 for engine, 2 for cockpit
    • 4.5 meters 8mm tubing
    • 0.5 meter 10mm tubing
    • Bulkhead connectors and T-Pieces
    • Bracket & anti-torpedo tabs



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